The Save the Sepik campaign is a collaboration between Project Sepik, Jubilee Australia Research Centre and Aid/Watch Australia.

The Save the Sepik campaign is fighting to protect the Sepik River from the Frieda River Mine.

We believe that the risk posed by the Frieda River mine is too great and could irreparably devastate the Sepik environment and the communities that live along it.

We want Papua New Guinea’s Conservation and Environment and Protection Authority (CEPA) to reject the Frieda River mine and for the PNG government to take the next steps in placing the Sepik River region on the World Heritage List.

Project Sepik is a not-for-profit organisation based in Papua New Guinea that has been working in the Sepik region since 2016. Project Sepik advocates for the vision of a local environment with a sustained balance of life via the promotion of environmentally sustainable practices and holding to account those that are exploiting the environment. The organisation aims to influence in good governance and transparency of the development of natural resources in Papua New Guinea by, amongst other things: empowering local landowners, advocating on issues of land acquisition and development in the Sepik, and capacity-building and stakeholder engagement in the region.

Jubilee Australia Research Centre is an Australian not-for-profit organisation engaging in research and advocacy to promote economic justice for communities in the Asia-Pacific region and accountability for Australian corporations and government agencies operating there. Through research and advocacy Jubilee Australia focuses on sustainable economies, community consent, justice and the important question of what reform is needed to ensure that Australian government and corporate practices supports community wellbeing and a just and sustainable global economy.


Aid/Watch is an Australia not-for-profit organisation and independent watchdog campaigning against the use of Australia’s aid budget to further Australia’s economic and security ‘national interests’. Focusing on the causes not the symptoms of poverty and inequality, Aid/Watch advocates and campaigns to build a new aid agenda founded on global justice to address the pressing problems of inequality, land grabbing and climate change. Aid/Watch challenges Australian government agencies, international financial and trade institutions, corporations and NGOs that use aid, trade and other foreign policy mechanisms to undermine the ability of communities in the Global South to determine their own futures.





The Sepik region is one of the most culturally and biodiverse areas on the planet


Frieda River mine project one of the largest known copper and gold deposits in the world


Nominating the Sepik regions rich cultural heritage for World Heritage listing


Show your solidarity by taking action to call for the Rejection of the Frieda River mine

‘ The river is not ours, it belongs to the future. We are only vessels of the Sepik spirit that dwells to celebrate and protect it. We will guard it with our life. ’

Emmanuel Peni, Project Sepik

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